Kelfit Lifestyle

How Kelfit Works:

Kelfit Lifestyle is a comprehensive Lifestyle diet plan that will help you transform your life! It will be the last diet you ever follow!

Kelfit Lifestyle

Kelfit Lifestyle

Kelfit Lifestyle

About Kelfit Lifestyle

Kelfit Lifestyle was started over 5 years ago by Kelly Stegen (International Sports Institute Association) qualified nutritionist and SA Fitness Bikini Athlete and has become a household name across South Africa and even in other countries around the world such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Dubai and England to name a few..

Kelfit is a 8 or 12 week lifestyle programme focusing mainly on diet but incorporating fitness for those who want to train as well. The comprehensive plan is worked out according to your age, height, weight and activity level and we will fit you in no matter what your goals are.

Kelfit is based on a certain set of rules and principles and we aim to teach you how to incorporate these during your time on Kelfit, making it something you can follow until the rest of time. Our success has been a wide spread one and the brand has grown into an empire!

At Kelfit Lifestyle we love being healthy, being fit and being happy. We believe that diet is 80% of transforming your lifestyle and body and that is why we want to help you with your weight loss journey.

Every client is unique

We see our clients as more than just clients. Every person becomes a friend to us and we become a mentor to them. We aim to motivate and guide you and give you the tools so that by the end of your 8/ 12 week journey you feel EMPOWERED, HAPPY IN YOUR SKIN AGAIN AND MOTIVATED TO LIVE THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE. We absolutely love helping people lose weight and to enable them to feel good about themselves again. The most important aspect is that you feel empowered as you have done all the hard work yourself.

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