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Kelfit Lifestyle Coaches:

Kelly Stegen - Owner & Founder of Kelfit

Kelly Stegen is the owner and founder of Kelfit Lifestyle. Kelly is an ISSA Qualified Sports and Fitness Specialist specialising specifically in Nutrition. She began Kelfit more than 5 years ago and Kelfit has become one of the most successful diet programmes in the country! A household name all across South Africa and all over the world- Kelfit now has clients in America, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, The UK and many more countries.

"I have battled with my weight my whole life. After trying every diet under the sun and yo-yo dieting, battling with anorexia and having a baby where I picked up 30kgs, I decided enough is enough. In 2011 I watched my first fitness show and decided that I also wanted to be on stage! I then started my fitness journey- It took me 12 weeks to transform my body and I have never looked back. I have gone on to compete in 10 fitness competitions and was chosen for The Natal Team to take part at SA Champs twice where I placed in the top 5 both times.

I am passionate about my brand and live, eat, breathe and sleep Kelfit. It runs through my veins. The results and success of Kelfit speaks for itself. It works and our clients are living, walking testimony of this. I am proudly sponsored by Muscle wellness, Blugel hair studio, Spring Beauty Lashes, Amarena coffee Company, Zulu waters Venison, Select Hair dressing supplies and Bob and weave clothing. What sets Kelfit apart from every other diet plan out there? It’s our unwavering passion and support. Once you start Kelfit it will be the last diet plan you will ever follow!"

Claire Calvert - Senior Kelfit Coach

Claire joined the Kelfit team as an online mentor and coach. Claire is an accomplished bikini athlete and trainer. She is a Shredded by Science & ISSA Qualified Sports and Fitness Specialist, specializing in Flexible Dieting, Customized Nutrition & Progressive Online Training. Claire is an accomplished bikini athlete & group fitness instructor for Planet Fitness & now a Muscle Wellness Sponsored athlete and Bob & Weave Apparel brand ambassador.

"I found my passion for the industry when I started off doing a spinning course and soon started including other forms of group fitness. I thoroughly enjoy my classes I give and love seeing my clients being challenged! When I was introduced to Kelfit, I reached my goal weight and realized I wanted more...stepping on stage and making it to SA Champs was an incredible experience and taught me so much! Through this I realized how passionate I was about nutrition and so Specialist in Fitness Nutrition was added to my resume through ISSA and Shredded by Science. I love every minute of seeing people making better choices, becoming happy in themselves and embracing a healthy lifestyle! "

Claire is passionate about nutrition and fitness and strives to widen her knowledge through on-going research and studies. . "I believe in the science behind nutrition & living a balanced lifestyle. I provide my clients the tools that allow them to balance diet and lifestyle, while still achieving their body composition goals".

Bridgitte Stegen - Kelfit Specialised Assistant Coach

Bridgitte is a qualified, registered Dietician with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. She joined us in February this year as our in-house consulting Dietician. Bridge not only runs our breastfeeding and preggie department but also any specialized cases ranging from diabetes, IBS or other gut issues, high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, low-carb/ high-fat diets, the non-diet approach, sports nutrition and many more. Due to Bridgitte’s background in Nutrition and her qualification as a Dietician she has a very open mind when it comes to diets and nutrition and believes what works for one person may not work for another.

Bridge is passionate about living and helping others find “the balanced life”; her coaching methods are not centred around weight-loss as much as they are helping individuals find their balance- both physiologically and psychologically, with the added bonus of weight-loss, should that be the goal. You can read more about her approach to nutrition and her blog on

Bridgitte is also currently busy studying her Personal Training certification through Trifocus Fitness Academy and hopes to be done with that by mid-year 2018, and has some exciting things in store for Kelfit in the near future. One of her favourite quotes: “Make the right choices 95% of the time and your body will happily forgive you for the other 5%”

Kelfit Specialised Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Plans

By registered Dietitian Bridgitte Stegen

  • Personalised preggie / breastfeeding plans
  • Mentorship for 12 weeks / duration of the pregnancy
  • Sufficient calories and nutrients for your baby
  • Skype and personal appointmets available on request

Christine Barrow - Head Assistant Coach

Christine is an experienced endurance sport athlete, bikini fitness bodybuilding participant, certified marathon coach with the North American Academy for Sport Fitness Professionals (NAASFP), and has recently completed her fitness nutrition specialist certification course with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

"As a teenager I endured significant trauma and loss that led to severe anxiety and unfortunately more than a decade of destructive eating habits, crash dieting, obsessive exercising and binging as well as severe bulimia. In 2016, I had had enough and decided to put a stop to behaviour that was destroying me and my relationships. It took 6 months of intensive out-patient treatment but I transformed my life and rediscovered ME in the process. I decided to pursue my passion for fitness and nutrition coaching (endurance sports, fat loss and weight training) and furthered my education through NAASFP and the ISSA.

In 2016 I founded Sole Buddies, a running coaching business, and have successfully coached beginner and experienced runners to achieve their goals. In 2017, I joined Kelfit as a full-time coach and made the transition out of a corporate career in education, to finally do what sets my soul on fire!

Bronwyn King - Head Assistant Coach

Bronwyn graduated from University with Honours in Marketing. I was always conscious of my weight growing up and have been a gym fanatic since high school. Throughout my varsity career I was obsessed with my weight and how I looked. This led me to starve myself in the week and “let go” and binge over weekend. In my mind I thought if I’m really strict for 5 days of the week, I could eat and drink whatever I liked for the other 2 days. This restricted dieting made me obsess over food and resulted in me eating EVERYTHING I possibly could on weekends because I knew I couldn’t have it in the week. At that stage, my workouts consisted solely of cardio – I used to spin for 2 hours a day.

Having originally studied marketing, my love and passion for fitness lead me to leave the profession and study Personal Training and Nutrition through Health and Fitness Professionals Academy (HFPA). In addition to this, I have also completed various courses such as Pre and Post Natal (Exercise and Nutrition), Weight Management, Essentials of Nutrition, Sports Nutrition and Sports Conditioning.

Through my studies, I quickly came to realise I was destroying my body and this was not a healthy or sustainable lifestyle. I was always afraid that "carbs will make me fat" but during my studies I realised that training without the correct fuel is futile. Today my workouts comprise a mix of cardio, weight training and body weight exercises. I find a combination of these keeps me stimulated and the body consistently adapting, leading to optimal results.

My life changed when I started training and eating correctly. These changes assisted me in achieving the physique and level of "self-comfort" I always desired.