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Bridgitte Stegen - Specialised Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Plans

We are excited to announce that we are bringing a registered Dietician on-board the Kelfit brand. Bridgitte will be helping us run the 'preggie and breastfeeding' plans. These plans will be based on Kelfit principles of lifestyle and weight management, whilst ensuring you and your baby get everything you need for a healthy body and mind.

Bridgitte also specializes in children's nutrition for all ages!

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  • Personalised preggie / breastfeeding plans
  • Mentorship for 12 weeks / duration of the pregnancy
  • Sufficient calories and nutrients for your baby
  • Skype and personal appointmets available on request

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Body After Baby: 10 Weight Loss Tips for New Moms

As a new mom, there's a whole new world of responsibilities you're juggling. On top of baby duty, you may also secretly wonder when you'll be able to return to your pre-pregnancy weight.

  1. Be Realistic About Your Results
    If your weight loss seems slow at first, don't panic. If you need to take it slow, take it slow- There's a myth that you should be at your pre-baby weight when the baby is 6 months old, but I would say 1-2 years old is more like it. You didn't gain the weight overnight, so you can't lose it overnight.

  2. Listen To Your Body
    No two bodies are alike, so be patient with your weight loss journey and be open to new activities. Swimming, yoga, pilates and dance are great ways to unwind and burn calories as a new mom. As women we have to realize that every body is different. Your physical body is different from the next. If you're experiencing aches and pain after giving birth, paying attention and being gentle to your body is even more important.

  3. Sneak In Workouts At Home
    Whenever and wherever you can get a workout in, go for it. Do something in your own living room while the baby is taking a nap. You'll have to get creative and sneak in exercise whenever you can.

  4. Walk Your Way Fit
    The best free workout is walking, all you need is some shoes on your feet and somewhere to go. Walking is really my ultimate, hands-down favourite workout. You can walk anywhere with your baby. Aim for 45 minutes to an hour of walking to help lean and tone postpartum.

  5. Get Your Girlfriends On Board
    When you're trying to squeeze in a workout but you're tight on time, rethink the events that are already on your calendar. If you usually get together with a girlfriend or co-worker over dinner and drinks, go play tennis or take an exercise class together instead. This way, you still get to chat with your friend but you get a workout in too.

  6. Try an Online Program- like Kelfit
    If you're busy with the baby and can't make it to the gym, grab your laptop and break a sweat at home. An online coach like one on Kelfit can really be a supportive and motivating factor in your weight loss journey.

  7. Ignore the Scale
    The scale can play tricks on you!!! After a baby, we have hormonal changes going on and our weight fluctuates so we can't use that number as a reliable indicator. If you're just getting back into exercising, you're doing so many other things for your body that have nothing to do with your 'weight.' You're getting stronger in your joints, you're building muscle, and you're gaining strength. Those things are so much more important than a number on the scale.

  8. Check Your Clothes
    If you're losing cms, the number on the scale may not change even though you're getting smaller. Use a pair of your pants a judge. I've found that putting on my pants to see how far I can zip them up is a better indicator of fitness progress.

  9. Celebrate the Victories
    Having a baby causes great change in your body and it's important to take your weight loss journey one day at a time and not be so hard on yourself. Don't get into the 'I'm a failure' mentality. It will only bring you down and not get you where you want to go. Look at what your body does every day. You should tell yourself, 'Yes, I'm awesome,' and that will create positive results.

  10. Embrace Your Changing Body
    Just because you're carrying a few extra kgs doesn't make you any less beautiful. You may be surprised at how your body settles into a new shape post-baby even with extra weight. If your body is a little curvier than you're used to, keep working at it while enjoying life as a new mom in the meantime.

Kelly's Journey as a Mom

Kelly is a mom of 2 and full-time fitness coach. You can follow her tips for new moms here!

Kelly Stegen

After picking up 30kgs with my first baby and 12kgs with my second my body was never the same, but it was always my intention to stand back on stage after having a baby. Since having my last child baby Ella, I have competed twice and placed 3rd and 5th at SA Champs. My goal is to show other moms what can be done after having a baby! And by that I don't mean every new mom should compete. I mean don't limit yourself. You are capable of ANYTHING you set your mind to! Whether that's run a marathon or whatever your passions may be!

Being a mom means you put your kids first BUT that doesn’t mean your needs have to be pushed aside… happy mom and happy wife means a happy life - for everyone!

Make time for YOU... YOU are important and you deserve to live your best life possible...

Bronwyn King - New Mom

Bronwyn is mom to her beautiful little boy Lachlan. She too knows the struggles of post baby weight and worked hard to shed those extra kilo's after having her baby.

Bronwyn can help and guide all new moms on their journey as she has walked the walk too.