Kelfit Lifestyle

Kelfit Lifestyle Services:

Kelfit offers 8 or 12 week Online Challenges to suit your needs

Kelfit Lifestyle runs private 8 or 12 week challenges all year round. We also offer 3 major challenges every year with amazing prizes: A Summer Challenge, A New Years Challenge and a Winter Challenge.
During any of the private or public challenges you will receive online mentorship and support from one of our top, qualified and competent coaches. We have many different types of packages and coaching styles to suit your needs.

Personalized Diet and Training Programme (for home or gym)

At Kelfit we work out personalised diet plans according to your activity level, needs, age, height, weight and your personal goals but all based on Kelfit principles
We take into account what you do and do not eat - dietary preferences, allergies etc.
Training programme- either for home or gym targeted at your goals, time frame and needs
* Kelfit does work with or without training

Different Kelfit Package

  • Normal 8/12 week lifestyle coaching
  • One on one lifestyle coaching with whatsapp access to your coach
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding plans
  • Flexible dieting- specialized
  • Progressive training plans
  • Vegan and vegetarian plans
  • Running coaching
  • Triathlete coaching
  • Diet plans for specific medical conditions